So…what is this site about?

How often do you go out to eat, then sit at a bar with a cocktail waiting for the babysitter to put your kids to bed so you can go home?

How much time do you waste looking for something to do beyond the basic dinner and a movie scenario, only to give up and…just go to dinner and a movie?

When was the last time an experience took your breath away, or made you laugh so hard that you snorted?

Do you want to get together with your fabulous friends, but have a helluva time planning something that makes everyone happy? (Spoiler alert- you can’t please everyone but there are a LOT of places that put a smile on most people’s face).

Your time is valuable, so go beyond the boring and basic. My goal is to curate experiences throughout the Chicago area for those who aren’t looking to settle, who want to know what is truly worth their time and energy. It may be a hole in the wall comedy club + the best BBQ you never knew existed, or an immersive theater production that sucks you in + a BYOB serving the best Jerk Chicken you will find in the city, or chilaquiles to die for followed by a hidden gem of an upscale day drinking spot. Cheers to living life and loving the experiences that come along.

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