Day Date: Spa Self Care at Lincolnshire Marriott

When you hear the word date, do you automatically assume it is with someone else? I mean, you can’t really date yourself…or can you? Dating is about communication, respect and getting to know someone. I would say that we ALL need to do this with ourselves from time to time, and this is what self care is truly about. Self care is a term that is tossed around and tends to have the connotation of selfishness, associated mainly with getting massages and manicures. What self care truly is, at its core, is taking care of our mental, physical and emotional health. When we set aside time on our busy calendar to check in with and treat our health, this is self care. The Lincolnshire Marriott is a hidden gem for spa self care, and I planned a day date for myself there! I am sharing my experience as well as some at home spa self care tips.

Spa at Lincolnshire Marriott

Self Care at the Spa

The Lincolnshire Marriott has a spa that is open to the public and includes and array of top notch services. The hotel itself recently underwent a $28 million dollar renovation, so stepping into the lobby feels incredibly upscale and updated. For me, massage is a mandatory part of my self care routine as is excellent skincare. Massage helps increase circulation, reduce stress & anxiety, lower blood pressure and SO much more. I actually schedule a massage every two weeks- it has helped my anxiety immensely.

Spa Treatments at Lincolnshire Marriott Spa

Skincare is also at the top of my priority list. Every night before bed, I wash my face religiously (even if I have had a few too many cocktails and all I want to do is crash). I also schedule seasonal facials to address current concerns due to weather, aging, and stress. Both massages and facials help me listen to my body, what it needs at any given point, and respond accordingly. They also help me feel and look my best- clear skin and relaxed muscles go a long way in the self-confidence department.

MAssage bed at Lincolnshire Marriott Spa for self care

Spa tip– Leave your cell in your car. Hearing any tech notifications makes my mind wander to stressful thoughts, so I make sure to ditch my coms.

Honey Infusion Anti-Aging Facial

I scheduled the Honey Infusion Anti-Aging Facial at the Spa at Lincolnshire Marriott, which is 80 minutes of masks, creams, eye serums and moisturizers, 100% spa self care. Many of the products used are infused with honey, which is moisturizing, full of antioxidants, and has antibacterial properties. The Lincolnshire Marriott has huge ties to this golden gooey goodness- they actually have an apiary that is host to 600,000 bees! These bees have produced nearly 50 gallons of raw honey this year, and the resort celebrated National Honey Month in September with many honey-themed specials, including this facial.

self care Spa products at Lincolnshire Marriott

The facial was more than just someone slapping on some masks and calling it a day. I always debate whether I should get a massage or a facial. One feels better, one is probably more visually effective. The best part about this 80 minute mini-vacation is that massage is involved as well as a complete anti-aging regimen! Plus, everything smelled DIVINE since many of the treatments and masks used natural fruits and honey. The product that smelled the best was a Citrus Lip Balm (that I of course had to have, and it is available for purchase). It is part of the Lip Trio that they sell as well- a complete exfoliation and moisturization for your pucker!

Spa self care Citrus Lip treatment

Spa tip: Can’t make it to the spa? Create your own spa self care DIY Tumeric Honey mask at home! Mix together 1 tsp. organic tumeric root powder, 2 tbsp. organic ground oats, 3 tbsp. organic plain yogurt and 3 drops raw or Manuka honey. Spread onto face, let sit for 15-20 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Solo Lunch

Have you ever intentionally eaten lunch solo? I do it quite often, and I relish the time alone with my thoughts. Although I LOVE going on dates with my husband, friends and family, a little time to myself is a slice of heaven. Table for one is not intimidating if you look at the time as self care. I always order a cocktail when I am having lunch by myself- it is just more fun that way. No judgement from my lunch partner, right?

Self care cocktail at Wright's Bistro

I also tend to look at the menu more because I am not chatting and exchanging pleasantries with my table mate. I don’t hurriedly pick something at the last minute because I was answering questions about my current obsessions.

Wright's Bistro- post spa lunch

I popped into Wright’s Brew & Bistro after my spa self care services. Midweek, the lunch crowd was fairly sparse, so I was able to snag a seat by the window with a view of the pool deck. I ordered the Carnitas Tacos (delish) and of course a post-massage cocktail to continue the whole relaxation thing I had going on.

Post-spa lunch carnitas tacos

Spa tip: Make sure to hydrate after a massage! Cocktails are probably not the best idea, so do as I say not as I do and stick to something more along the lines of H2O.

Self Care at Home

Heading to a spa once a year is a lovely treat, but continuing with rituals and healthy habits at home that lift you up and calm the noise? THAT is when self care truly makes a difference. I carried a few of the spa self care tips I learned at the Spa at Lincolnshire Marriott to my own home.

*Bedtime Routine-

*Find a tea you love (I just discovered Vadham Teas– great story, even better TEA!)

*Walk in nature (Lincolnshire Marriot has gorgeous grounds for wandering)

*Sit down and eat lunch by yourself and savor the food

*Treat yourself to a cocktail midday (as long as you aren’t driving…)

Cheers to scheduling a date with yourSELF and taking care of business…the business of listening to your body, mind and emotions and taking CARE.

Disclosure: I received a spa treatment for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own as always.